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To fully understand why people love Disneyland, you have to appreciate the fact that each individual experience and connection to the Park is unique. As someone who grew up in the CA, my love of Disneyland revolves around my memories of special family weekly disney trips I took as a child. And while my reasoning might differ from yours, it’s our shared respect for a place where everyone is welcome and celebrated for who they are, that ultimately unites us. Read on to find out what other Disney cast members love about Disneyland, as well as some tips that you might find useful for your next visit:

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My favorite part about Disneyland is that all your friends always want to go—you never have to go alone. And hanging out in the Parks in a group is always more fun with more people. It’s amazing how no matter what your friends like, they all seem to enjoy Disneyland.


What I love about Disneyland is that there’s truly something for everyone. Thrill-seekers can hop onto roller coasters, Instagrammers can find all their perfect photo opps, pin collectors can shop and trade aplenty, Easter egg lovers can hunt for Hidden Mickeys, and foodies (or just really hungry people like myself) can enjoy treats of all kinds. I mean, come on, the Disneyland turkey leg is ICONIC.


Disneyland is my safe place. I can wear a Dale hat and no one will judge. One of the reasons why I chose one of the clubs I joined in high school is because they went to Disneyland every summer, and everyone’s little kid went on those trips. To me, Disneyland is a place with good friends, good food, and good memories.